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Adrian Bellue is a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Sacramento, California.

Taking influence and inspiration from guitarists such as Andy McKee and Michael Hedges, he uses rhythmic percussion, extended techniques, and a whole array of effects to turn his guitar into a full band.

“Adrian succeeds in making his guitar sound like a full marching band, complete with drumming, tuba basses, and piccolo harmonics!  I think the world of guitar and harp guitar players will be impressed with this rising star.” -John Doan, Harp Guitar Master

Co-producing his first album with studio producer Brian Lee Bender, Adrian has been performing all across the west coast and beyond with unique performances involving improvisation.

“I’m really into the philosophy of music. Music’s always there, you just have to tune in to it. When I play, I like to explore new tunings and ideas right then and there. It’s like I get to fall in love with my instrument all over again every time I write something.” – Adrian Bellue

Adrian has performed and studied with world renowned guitarists such as John Doan, Antoine Dufour, and Craig D’Andrea.

Running his musical operation out out of his hometown in Sacramento, Adrian has been featured and interviewed on networks such as KCRA3 and Capital Public Radio.

Currently he is writing and recording his 2nd album featuring many new arrangements performed on guitar, harp guitar, and even singing and songwriting on top of it all!

Another musical passion of Adrian’s is throat singing. Adrian has trained himself to perform a variety of Tuvan throat singing styles. Tuvan throat singing brings listeners to the rumbling resonance of mountains and the flowing harmonies of riverbeds. Throat singing can train the practitioner to sing up to 4 notes at the same time, using harmonic overtones within the human vocal chords.

Be sure to follow his music and shows on social media networks, and come see a performance that will move and inspire you!

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